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    The description of Bono

    One app for Carpooling and Bike pooling in Delhi NCR. 

    BONO is a peer-to-peer carpooling application which enables people to travel together by connecting people with similar travel requirements and helping them reduce their travel costs. Apart from the monetary benefit, BONO’s users also get to know how much CO2 emissions they have prevented. No new vehicles are added on the road to satisfy the travel needs of BONO users, the focus is on increasing the occupancy of the vehicles already present on the road which translates to a reduction in traffic and less pollution.

    BONO helps to identify matches, connect instantly, communicate and share costs (cashless). 

    With BONO you can ‘Offer ride’ to others in your vehicle, or ‘Find ride’ offered by others, instantly. 

    You “OFFER RIDE” when you want to share the empty seats on your Car or Bike:

    • Publish your ride in seconds.
    • Approve other members to travel with you.
    • Enjoy your journey with Verified Users.
    • Share up to 100% of your car maintenance. 
    • You can set the price you want to charge per seat.
    • Great company to share all your stories, jokes and scores.
    • Increase your network within or outside the organization and get to know more people.
    • You have complete control on whom you want to share the ride with.
    • Last but not the least, you can do your bit, to contribute for reduction of road congestion and save our planet.

    You “FIND RIDE” if you usually travel by Taxi/Auto/Public Transport or you would like to leave your vehicle behind:

    • Search for a ride to your destination, even last minute
    • Check the profiles of the members offering a ride and get in touch to request a ride.
    • Travel together in comfort, meet great people and enjoy the journey!
    • Get comfortable and faster car rides at nearly the fare of public transport 
    • Share costs through the app fully cashless 
    • Get to know your colleagues better. Enjoy the commute to work, sharing interesting stuff.
    • You have complete control about whom you want to take a ride with.

    Here are the key features that make BONO the best player in the game and ahead of other solutions.

    Ride sharing on BONO is secured with its 5 layers of security features:

    • Company where user is working and contact details get verified. An optional Aadhaar Verification feature adds a layer to the security.
    • You can choose to share rides with verified employees of your own company or with same gender.
    • Aggregated rating from previous ride partners is available.
    • Integration with social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+) for additional information about user.
    • In case of Emergency, user can tap on the SOS button to notify the location to the chosen emergency contact.

    Instant Redemption: You can instantly redeem your accumulated credits into your Paytm Wallet.

    Leaderboard: See how much CO2 emissions you prevented compared to others using Bono!

    Coordination made easy: Features like live ride view on map, and in-app chat makes ride coordination seamless.

    Partial route matches: Intelligent route matching algorithm supports partial route matching.

    Daily rides: For daily commute, you can create a daily ride once and Bono automatically creates a ride for you daily. Varied timings on different days are allowed.

    Rewards and incentives: The payments are cashless and completely automated.

    The 1 minute illustration video on How it works:
    Promo video can be found at this link:
    You can reach us for any support at or write to us using the “contact us” section in-app.

    Be it your daily office commute or long distance (inter-city) travel or weekend outing, Bono brings you shared options instantly.

    Welcome to the Bono Community. Bono ensures that you travel comfortably and securely with verified users of your choice.

    Happy Pooling with Bono – An Eco-Friendly way to Travel!

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    Bono 1.6.5 Update


    – Performance improvements and bug fixes

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