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Cindicator: stock market, cryptocurrency, bitcoin APK

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Cindicator: stock market, cryptocurrency, bitcoin APK

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The description of Cindicator: stock market, cryptocurrency, bitcoin

Make accurate forecasts on the stock market, stock quotes on Nasdaq and NYSE, Bitcoin price, Ethereum, cryptocurrency and other crypto assets, and win real money every month!

More than $100,000 has already been paid out. Compete with traders and investment analysts from around the world without investing your own money or trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

With Cindicator you can:

1. Win money from your intellectual work.
Make financial market forecast, bitcoin price and crypto market forecasts on a regular basis, and do it more accurately than others.

2. Enhance your analytical and trading skills.
You will receive constant feedback about the accuracy of your financial market forecasts, allowing you to test different online trading ideas and improve your understanding of finance, bitcoin, and stock charts.

3. Public recognition of your analytical skills in financial markets, stock charts analysis, cryptocurrency and online trading.

You can prove your financial market and crypto market forecasts are better than those made by highly paid Wall Street investment analysts with powerful Bloomberg terminals. As an independent party we can certify your track record of financial market analysis.

How does this work?

Every day, you will receive a list of questions about cryptocurrency prices, bitcoin price, a specific stock quotes, or the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, NYSE index, Bitcoin exchange movements and various cryptocurrencies. As with similar investment apps, our goal is to make an accurate financial forecast about the stock market and Bitcoin USD exchange rate. Staying on top of Bitcoin news and Bitcoin rate is helpful, but is not required to become great financial and investment analyst.

For every accurate financial forecast you receive points, climbing up the rankings and allowing you to win money at the end of the month (from $30 to $500). The rankings reflect your analytical skills and your understanding of finance, the stock market, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

You don't need to invest your own funds and money or become a trader — just take part in our stock market game along with investors, investment analyst and financial analysts from around the world. You don’t even need to do any virtual trading, stock trading, online trading, options trading or trading bitcoin — just answer questions about stocks today, financial markets, currencies, Bitcoin exchange rate, Bitcoin price and cryptocurrencies. It’s much more fun than playing any stock market game. And what’s more, you can become real financial and investment analyst.

Cindicator will deepen your understanding of finance and the stocks today, helping you to become a successful trader and investment analyst. To be successful trader or trading analyst you will need to understand each specific stock, the stock market as a whole, and the moves of major cryptocurrency (Ethereum, iota, litecoin, altcoin), and Bitcoin exchange fluctuations, monitoring the Bitcoin chart and Bitcoin price. Cindicator offers questions on every major stock market, financial instruments, Bitcoin exchange rate and other cryptocurrencies.

Unlike investopedia, Cindicator is about the practice of online trading, not just theory. For example, to answer a question about the Bitcoin USD rate, all you need to do is look at the Bitcoin chart, browse through Bitcoin news and make a prediction about this leading blockchain. Investopedia covers the basics of trading on NASDAQ and NYSE, as well as instruments such as the Dow Jones Index, stock quotes, index funds and maybe a bit about Bitcoin trading. But there are hundreds of blockchain projects! Bloomberg recently launched its crypto index, demonstrating the increasing demand for cryptocurrency investment analysts. With Cindicator you can make guesses about the fluctuations of the Bitcoin rate and profit without actually trading Bitcoin and risking your own funds.

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