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    The description of Eye Transplant : ER Emergency Hospital

    Ever wanted to become an ER Emergency Doctor examining patient's eye in Hospital simulator? Make your dreams come true with Eye Transplant – ER Emergency Hospital. It is a real eye doctor er emergency surgery simulator game where you can experience being a crazy eye doctor in er emergency hospital which is full of crazy doctor, nurses & surgery squad. Take good care of sick patient came to er emergency hospital simulator in ambulance with mommy & use all your virtual surgery doctor skills to perform the eye transplant virtual surgery in hospital simulation as virtual surgeon simulator! Eye Transplant – Er Emergency Hospital simulator is a virtual surgery doctor simulator game in which you can try your hands at becoming a medical professional eye surgery doctor in eye transplant hospital simulation to treat crazy fun kids with various eyeball problem through laser treatment and medicines with the help of surgery squad in clinic. Crazy fun kids vision is becoming more sensitive and weak & they need to get their eye testing from specialist eye surgery doctor in er emergency hospital. Your task is eye testing, blur eye vision, curing eye infections, color blindness of crazy fun kids in hospital simulator with laser surgery simulator, lens & glasses. Operate all sorts of eyeball problem do realistic surgeries in operation room and make crazy fun kids feel better. Examine their painful eyes for blood infection, use antibiotic medicine drops for quick eyeball treatment from eye specialist. Be careful while performing eye surgery simulator in hospital simulator as surgeon simulator. Eye Transplant – ER Emergency Hospital simulation, is a combination of eyes testing, color blindness and realistic laser surgery simulator for better vision. Give diagnosis of eye problem with eye doctor surgical simulator tools like injection, x-ray, laser etc. used for different purposes like eye testing, curing eye problem, color blindness, cornea transplant, healing wounds of eyeball in this eye surgery game. Use special er emergency eye surgery simulator doctor surgical simulator tools to stretch open eyes, remove germs and kill unwanted bacteria! Discover all kinds of medical surprises in your patient eyes! Turn into a medical professional eye surgery doctor and help crazy fun kids with various eye problem.

    Here comes a new patient in virtual ambulance to get operate from an er emergency doctor surgeon simulator in eye transplant hospital simulator. Open the doors & take patient to the ER emergency operation room. After completing the basic health check-up, the eye doctor will check eye vision, curing eye problem, cornea transplant, color blindness, healing wounds of eyeball by removing harmful germs & foreign objects from the patient’s eye in this eye transplant hospital simulation game. Use microscope to find foreign objects in children’s eyes. Laser eliminates yellow bumps on the eyeball and eye drops cleans, heal wounds & treat inflamed red eyes. Use medical chart with letters to measure how well the kids see from the distance. Find out the best diopter for your sick patient and choose some funny color lens or eyeglasses.

    * Make the sick patient happy again with the eye transplant in clinic.
    * Treat the sores and remove the inflammation to reduce patient pain and irritation.
    * Perform eye testing, operation or realistic surgeries in hospital simulation in a surgeon game.
    * Real life doctor surgical simulator tools like injection, laser beam, x-ray machine, eye drops and much more.
    * Checkup your sick patient eyes so that real doctor may give his diagnosis & operate them properly in clinic.

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