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    The description of Fall humans on the flat

    Fall humans on the flat is an unsurpassed puzzle game in which you will have to solve a great many unusual riddles and, together with friends in the role of other funny people, overcome unexpected obstacles that constantly arise on your difficult path, and constantly fall and rise and interact with various playing surfaces. In this game there are no restrictions and there is no clearly written script, but in return you get full freedom of action and access to unrestrained fun in the multiplayer mode of the game!

    The world of Fall humans on the flat is completely interactive and strictly subject to the laws of physics: your character can interact with all surfaces and objects in the game, as well as fall from a variety of ledges. And we know how funny it is to watch a constantly falling hero, because the laws of physics act on him. The little man is able to climb walls and flat surfaces, climb up ropes and ladders, move various objects, break glass and other fragile surfaces, and also set in motion cunning mechanisms that are part of one huge puzzle that you and your friends have to solve, and just fall down from huge heights. All the items in the game, including humans, have physical properties, on the basis of which the logic of the game must be built. Also for each hotel room are written unique ways of interaction and destruction, as close as possible to the real. Before you try to solve the puzzle, you have to think "What happens if I smash that window with a hammer?", "Can I ride on a windmill?" Or "Will I fall here and do not break or will I still be able to cling to that ledge? ". Do not be afraid to experiment and think outside the box, because only so, you can solve a clever puzzle, pass the level and get the most positive emotions together with your faithful human friends! Smash the glass, run your friends on a flight with a medieval catapult, break down walls and wooden structures, ride on boats and tower cranes, just drop down – all this is available to you through the unsurpassed physics engine of the game. And remember, this is not an easy game with superbly recreated physics laws, it's a small masterpiece for mobile devices, which we developed specifically for you.

    Play with friends in the role of funny little men, have fun, use non-standard thinking and physical laws to solve a variety of puzzles, but most importantly – get the most out of the game! Spend your little man to the coveted door at the end of the level and move on! Forward, towards adventure!

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    Fall humans on the flat 2.1 Update


    Great update:
      – Fixed bug with infinite loading.
      – Added skins of your favorite heroes.
      – Added new maps.

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