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    The description of iNoty I.O.S 12

    In I.O.S 12 of ? Phone, you can see all of your notifications on the Lock screen and quickly access them no matter what screen you're on.
    Design of Phone X very beautiful , hight quality but simple , easy to use and iNotify sidebar is not out of this
    You want this iNoty – ? Phone X experience but on your hands is an android device.
    So, Let us help you with iNoty I.O.S 12. Best Notification Control in I.O.S 12 of ? Phone will be shown intact in our application – iNoty I.O.S 12, Noty Phone X
    If you use iNoty OS 12, you can feel a new experience with new style, theme phone, smooth and design from iLauncher, iNotify, control panel, control center.
    With iNoty you can control everything very fast, check everything about your phone and you won't regret using this iNotify

    iNoty I.O.S 12 is grow on Notify Panel Phone X, ? iControl I.O.S 11design from Phone 7 function and base on OS12 from Phone X design . But it can be installed on almost Android devices
    iNoty style OS12 bring to you amazing I.O.S12 notification center and control panel to make your phone look like Phone X UI. iNoti is best combination of notification and lockscreen notification os12

    ? iNoty I.O.S 12?Notify Panel?iNoty I.O.S.11? Noty Phone X?

    " Full material design from Phone X style OS 12
    " The app iNoty from Phone X style, and from style OS12, complete from the rounded corners to the font. That's what our special.
    " Show Battery percentage and networker style I.O.S 12.
    " Easy to show today information and notifications information like OS 12.
    " Show in full screen and open application with just a touch to any info on the notification bar
    " Display new notification information: title, description, icon, iNoti events …
    " Custom notification bar with iNoty style OS 12.
    " iNoty play i.Music with service; Control i.Music player on control panel easy
    " Swipe down to open notification to check notify daily like Phone X notify.
    " Setting what notification you want to show with iNoty (or iNotify) OS 12
    " iNoty clear all notification with notifications not importance
    " Blur background same as Background Phone X with HD wallpapers, 4K wallpaper… simple flat design
    " iNoty support set time 12h or 24h format.
    " iNotyfy show event note next from your current time.
    " Small size but powerful; Smooth animation style iNoty on Phone X.
    " Swipe to appear inoty or event calendar for tomorrow, feature,…

    With iNoty os app, you will get the cool OS12 notifications center to make your android phone look like Phone, notifications center will have theme Phone X

    Enjoy the notification style OS features in your android phone ?
    You will love and don't want to change after the first time you use iNoty I.O.S 12
    Do not forget to leave a review for us and if you like this ? iNoty I.O.S 12?Notify Panel? Noty Phone X? give us 5 stars!

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    iNoty I.O.S 12 4.0.26062018 Update


    Fix Bug

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