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JalanTikus App!

Who haven't heard about The #1 technology website in Indonesia covers every kind of technology in the world, presented in interesting and educative ways for our readers.
Now JalanTikus arrives in Android app format, so you can enjoy an easier way to get high quality articles from

Main Features:

Fast and Data Quota-friendly
JalanTikus App is NOT designed to deplete your data quota 🙂 All articles in the app have gone through compression process, so they can be accessed very quickly.

Open an article without loading, 10x faster.

Besides blazing fast and light on your data quota, You can also read articles in offline mode using JalanTikus application. Simply use the Save For Offline feature in each article and you can keep it in a save place to read later.

Smart Algorithm; Selected Articles Every Day
JalanTikus writer team consists of professional and trained writers in tech field, so through the articles and the Application you can learn a lot about technology.

Motivational Quotes
Everytime you open JalanTikus app, you will be greeted with Motivational Quotes from the world's most famous people such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Save Your Favorited Articles
Don't lost the articles you love the most! Save all the articles that you favorited and read them later.

Super Accurate Search
The Search feature in JalanTikus will pamper you and make your life easier. The feature will provide you with any article you want with only a tap away.

Scroll Up and Down Feature
User experience is everything for us. The JalanTikus App is designed for your reading convenience so we added scroll up and down buttons in the detailed article view.

User experience is everything. JalanTikus app is designed to give the true reading experience for our readers.

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