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    The description of Kirlian Device mobile

    The Kirlian Device mobile is designed to reveal WiFi fields by means of long exposure photography and aural atmospheres. Download and use it with a long-exposure photograph to perform your own WiFi Visualisations, which will allow you to monitor the field strength and footprint of your WiFi network.

    The current version of the app continuously reads the WiFi manager status, looks for the Received Signal Strength Index (RSSI) of the current connection and transforms the value into the corresponding colour from a five-colour heatmap scheme. Red means stronger signal, blue means weaker. In addition, it uses the RSSI value to emit a changing frequency sine-wave tone. The app maps values between -40 and -90 dB, but it is possible to adjust this threshold by pressing the "Calibrate" button provided in the main interface.

    The app was created as part of a creative exploration project called Digital Ethereal, which sets out to understand and explore the spatial qualities and design potential of wireless exchange protocols, such as WiFi.

    For more information, visit the project's homepage

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    As of the first release, the app will visualise field strength in WiFi networks by changing the background colour and emitting a sine-wave tone.

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