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Magic Rush: Heroes APK

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Magic Rush: Heroes APK

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The description of Magic Rush: Heroes

Magic Rush: Heroes is a magic style strategic RPG with fine picture. The background of game is colored by fairy tale, which shown via the monsters and heroes themselves. The advantage of this style is that everyone will not feel tired of game, whether you are the young or old.

In the game, players could summon heroes and control them to fight. Besides, you can train these heroes effectively to organize a powerful team. Release and shown the power and the skills of heroes, perfect combination of strategy and control, and the unique finger manipulation skills give you the excellent experience.


Summon Powerful Attacks With Skill-Aiming
– Manually choose targets or directions when shoting.
– Summon attacks to stun, silence, knock airborne, heal and even interrupt enemy skills using precise controls
– Combination of strategy and speed. Master them both, and victory is not far away from you.

Training your heroes, level up their power to defend the kingdom
– Role-play diverse hero types, including dozens of unlockable heroes with hundreds of distinctive skills.
– Heroes can be combined in different ways and take the opposition by storm.
– Upgrade your defender with equipment enhancing, rune inlaying, and unique upgrades and abilities for every kind of weapon.
– RPGs and RTS combination brings you the ultimate Equipment System.

PvP Games in the Ladder Tourney
– A global war, combated by millions players. Cross-server PvP Arena with a turn-based ban/pick phase to level the playing field.
– Make a perfect battle plan, to fight for your victory by strategically banning you opponent’s heroes
– PvP combat offers awesome rewards for every season!

Hero Tower Defense Combines Your Favorite Strategy Genres
– An all-new “Hero Tower Defense” concept cleverly combines the heroes in the game with dozens of exquisitely designed Tower Defense stages.
– If you don’t want to surrender, just drop tower emplacements and activate hero skills in real time during exciting battles.
– Fighting based on one-of-a-kind map creations.

One highlight of this game is the combination of tower defense and cards. We can not only experience the fun of the tower defense but also feel the pleasure of the card against the war. The other highlight is that the player could choose the skill of heroes to accurately attack your opponents directly.

Join your friends in the first Hero Tower Defense + RTS + RPG game! Advance your heroes to victory using REAL-TIME STRATEGY! With epic Tower Defense battles and hair-raising Adventure mode, cunning strategy and quick reflexes are a must! To the victor goes the glory.

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What's new


Update Content:
1.After hero skins are enhanced to max level, when sweeping Crystal Spire there is a chance that the Time Traveler will appear. The player will then be able to exchange excess skin fragments for skin fragments of heroes that have not been maxed out.
2.Hero Codex enhancement fragments can be obtained in Legend stages.
3.An alliance icon will appear in the Arena if your opponent is an ally.

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