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    The description of Phone Location Tracker: Nearby

    ★ What this Phone Location Tracker app can do for you?

    You can find nearby places, nearest bank, nearest atm, restaurants near you, interesting places nearby. It can be used as a safety app for yourself by sending emergency alerts to your family when in danger by pressing the power button 3-4 times within 5 seconds. It will send your location details to your family members and friends. It also has text message tracker using which you can find lost phone. Helps to find the location of your child.

    ★ AroundMe

    From your current position you can find nearest bank, nearest bar, nearest gas station, nearest hospital, nearest hotel, nearest restaurant, nearest supermarket, nearest chinese food, nearest usbank and nearest ibc bank. Ask the app nearest bank near me and you will get a list within 3KM radius. Or be specific like "Places to Eat Near Me" and voila, the best eating places list is at your disposal. Not just eating places you can find any tourist attractions near you. Say if you want to know whats near me now it will show some cool results. Its the best GPS app to discover places around you. It also helps to find nearest bitcoin atm,filipino food,vietnamese food and peruvian food.

    ★ Safety if the most important for all today. You are worried about your children, spouse, parents and friends. If this app is installed on their mobile phones, you will know their current GPS location. Say you are a parent and worried about your teenage child. Install this GPS location finder on thier phone. You can Set two mobile phone numbers, which shall receive a text message when he/she is in danger. Both the parents can set their numbers.

    Your teenage daughter is alone in the sub-way and there are few other drunk people around her?

    In these cases she can immediately alert you by pressing the power button more than 3 times within 5 seconds. It will send a text message has been sent to two set numbers in her phone safety app. Parents will immediately receive an text message from her phone with a google map showing her location. Mobile phone location tracking gives you peace of mind. Important point to note here is to send this alert she need NOT open the lock screen of her phone, no need to go to the app and press the SOS button. This will waste critical time. She just has to press power button 3-4 times within 5 seconds.

    ★ Find Phone

    We all misplace our things. It happens with everyone. So you have all the chances that you might misplace your phone in future. Well you need not worry if this GPS mobile tracker app is installed on your phone. mobile no trace out works by setting 2 numbers which you can access easily when your own phone is lost. Once these 2 numbers are set in your app, test it once by giving a missed call to your phone. Note – the app is not required to be installed on those 2 phones which are set in your app. Also test by sending a text message "lost" to your phone. Your phone would send a return text message in both the cases with the location details of your phone.

    ★ My Location

    See all the places you were in the last 2 days with accurate date/time by checking Location History option in this Phone Location Tracker app. This is an amazing feature to have. You know where you were yesterday and for how much duration. Also you can find it to find out how much time or what route you took yesterday to reach from place A to B. Its helps you to find nearest bank, nearest atm and find interesting places nearby. Find out whats near me now.

    In summary, I can use it to:

    Find me
    As a Safety app, my personal safety app
    find Restaurants near you or resturants near me
    Find nearest pizza,chicken,cake,coffee,water parks,indoor pool.
    Places to eat near me
    find my location
    find nearest gas station
    GPS route finder
    Map my ride using GPS cycling riding option
    Map my walk
    You can locate phone via text message
    find phone

    It has been used by more than 500 Thousand users worldwide!

    ★ It's a free app. Download it now

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    What’s new


    Find nearest places and know the directions – driving, cycling or walking.
    Know your location history.
    Map Navigation feature added.
    Find your phone with a SMS / text message when it's misplaced or lost.
    Find your phone by giving it a missed call.
    Send emergency alert to your family or friends when you are in danger. No need to unlock your phone. It sends the location map to your family / friends. Must for children and women safety.

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