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    The description of Rise of Civilizations

    Construction is a key part of any civilization’s development.
    Warfare is indispensable to ensuring your civilization’s survival.
    Alliances can give your civilization a strategic advantage.
    You’ll need to use all three wisely to make your civilization great!

    In Rise of Civilizations, you’ll find a seamless and highly detailed world map, with 8 civilizations and 20 Heroes to choose from. Each has specialty troops and buildings with unique upgrades.
    You’ll also research technologies from various eras, join alliances, and manage the growth of your cities.Lead your civilization to glory!

    **Game Features**
    – Seamless, detailed world map –
    One of a kind zoom method + high quality 3D graphics. Seamlessly transition between the world map and detailed views of buildings in your city, perfect for strategizing your next move. Send your units into the fog and explore a huge, life-like world.

    – Legendary Heroes –
    Is it the hero that makes the legend? Or the legend that makes the hero? Summon Julius Caesar, Cao Cao, Joan of Arc and more than 20 other historical leaders from around the world. Use your heroes to lead troops, set out on expeditions, participate in joint attacks, and defeat your enemies with overwhelming force!

    – Unique Buildings from every civilization –
    The heart of every civilization is its capital city.
    After choosing one of 8 civilizations, you control your city’s development. Observe your city progress from the stone age to the feudal era, and watch your city gradually expand.

    – Experience Epic Warfare –
    No civilization grows in isolation. You have to be ready for battle at any time!
    Train units and build alliances to defend your territory. You’ll share the map with thousands of players from around the globe while competing for resources. Make use of the realistic map to strategically defeat your opponents.

    ==== open beta ====
    Rise of Civilizations is currently in beta testing phase. You may encounter bugs, and some aspects of the game may still be changed. Thanks for understanding.
    Please enjoy the game, and if you run into any problems, leave us your feedback via Profile > Settings > Customer Service > Message Symbol in the top right corner.
    We appreciate your help!

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    Rise of Civilizations Update


    New Features
    1. Added ‘Governor Search’ function in Settings.
    2. Can now view other governors' alliance info in Settings.
    3. Kingdom Broadcast

    1. Gameplay optimizations.
    2. Art effects optimizations.
    3.Various bug fixes.


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