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Saiyan Arena Online – Beta APK

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4.0.3 and up

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Saiyan Arena Online – Beta APK

Download Saiyan Arena Online – Beta APK for android

The description of Saiyan Arena Online – Beta

Play with warriors around the world and fight to see who is the strongest!
Unlock characters and transformations in order to overcome your fighting power!

Button Triangle – Ki Blast
Button O – Melee Coup
Button Square – Energize
F1 / F2 – Use powers

Button X –
First Click: Jump
Second Click: Double Leap
Third Click + Hold (Ki Required): Fly (while you are flying, your ki will be consumed)

Must be unlocked in the store. When your character has a transformation, the ST bar will go up along with the power up, and at the end of the loading, the transformation will take place.

Game Modes:
God Battle

4 Different maps for you to play!

The game is still in the test phase, any bug reports are welcome.
This game is not official and it is only a tribute to the original work.

Thanks for playing, have fun.

Download Saiyan Arena Online – Beta APK for android direct link

What's new


- Separation of the list of rooms by type of game
- Browse rooms by name
- New rewards when defeating players
- 4 new maps and 1 reformulated map
- New character and item missions
- 5 New Characters
- New transformations
- Respaw Screen
- Transformation Missions
- Beast mode + mission domain
- New servers to divide the traffic
- New authentication server
- Reformulation of bet mode
- Reformulation of tournament mode

* Lobby chat disabled for enhancement

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