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    The description of Saiyan Legend

    OMG!! Your power level is over nine thousaaands in Saiyan Legend!!!
    Saiyan Legend is a fantastic RPG game which is very loyal to the original anime! Kamehame Wave, the flying cloud Kinto-un and Instant Teleport, you can find all of them in Saiyan Legend that makes you travel to the wonderful scenes inside the original anime!
    Let's follow Saiyan Legend to experience the fierce battles with kakarotto! In Saiyan Legend, you can build your own splendid city and use your intelligence and strategy for fighting with different original characters. The unique, funny and exciting adventure storyline and the strong color image style will lead you unable to extricate yourself in the marvelous world. Features:
    ★Warrior’s Level: There are 1 star-5 star warriors whose level arranges from 1-50. The higher level the warrior is, the stronger Attack and Defense ability it has.
    ★Warrior’s enhancement: Enhance the EXP and level of the warrior through sacrificing other warriors.
    ★Warrior’s attributes: Each warrior has its own attribute. The attributes is divided into 5 elements: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth which are mutual restrained.
    ★Warrior’s Karma: Once the combination of skills reaches the specific requirement, the Warrior’s Karma will be activated to improve the Attack and Defense of the warrior.
    ★Warrior’s Potential: It’s the consumed point for training the warrior. There are countless gameplay inside! Join in the attractive battlefield to challenge your power!

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