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    The description of Scary Neighbor Survival

    Play Scary Neighbor Survival & Enjoy this adventure filled Scary Horror Game & Share your terrifying ghost buster experiences in mysterious Horror neighbor games. The mystic story is about a mother trying to find her little daughter Betty Who is kidnapped by a evil who lived in your terrifying neighborhood . It’s been a week since the disappearance of little Girl & the town us Police is unable to find her traces in the uncanny Neighborhood in this Evil Survival Escape Game! . Now mom has decided that she will go on her own to find her little betty from Neighbor's haunted house. This haunted mansion is a home to some orphic evil souls in neighbor games horror. A specious neighbor is living alone in haunted house for so long. Face the scary neighbor & get rid from the evil ghosts to find your daughter. The evil within this scary game is a crack attack of surprises and haunted mysteries. Be a part of the survival escape adventure on a mysterious asylum with an evil neighborhood mansion in neighbor games scary. After reaching the haunted location in your neighborhood town she has found out that the haunted house is possessed by a Dark Evil Neighbor spirit & the Scary Neighbor consumes the good energy of kids to become stronger . For his return the Scary neighbor has abducted Betty & her blood can bring him back . Mom has to find the clues to reach her daughter & defeat the Evil Scary Neighbor to get out of the Scary house alive. An all new haunted house survival escape simulator game for the survival game lovers filled with horror and paranormal activities. Escape this ghost town to become a super hero. Keep collecting clues, map and battery for flashlight to survive. Surviving here is not a easy task. Survive the dangers of dark evil ghost and escape the creepy streets of haunted town with scary neighbor graveyards. There are no police officers or army commandos or professional ghost hunter to fight your battle. Make them run away before they attack you.
    This scary killer neighbor game gives you the lifetime experience of being the Scary neighbor and scare the people with your evil powers. This solo neighbor game is full of ultimate destruction and maximum thrill with various tasks. You will definitely get addicted to this scary neighbor game in no time. Are you afraid of the dark and haunted houses? Test yourself like you are in a haunted inhabited by scary neighbor ghosts. Scary sounds everywhere, be careful, everything is paranormal in this place This scary neighbor survival game will give you the best virtual experience in a haunted scary town. It's the best survival simulator game among all haunted house games & scary survival escape adventure games. A truly horror night right from the beginning as these old mansions appeared to look menacing.

    Features of Scary Neighbor Survival Game:
    -Dark & Horrified Ambience.
    – Hide & Seek with Evil ghosts.
    – Amazing 3D Urban Legend City.
    -Mysterious Gameplay.
    – Collection of Items for Survival.
    – Thrilling & Spine-chilling missions.
    -Lots of ghosts, monsters and evil creatures.

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    Scary Neighbor Survival 1.7 Update


    ** New Features Added**
    ** Smooth Controls**
    **Minor Bugs Fixed**
    ** Issue In Chapter 8 Resolved**


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