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    The description of Shoclef

    Shoclef App – Uniting buyers & sellers globally through a smart real-virtual social network

    Shoclef is a revolutionary app that offers the best of online shopping and real-time personal shopping. The app enables users to earn money, sell products and services, and check-out and buy millions of products across the world in real-time, even without stepping out of their homes or office!

    On Shoclef, users can choose to sign up as any of the following at any time they wish:

    Personal Shopper – If you love shopping, be a personal shopper and make purchases for buyers across the world while earning $0.20 cents per minute you stay connected with a buyer. Besides, you can connect with several buyers at one time on a single shopping spree! As a personal shopper, you don’t need to have money in your Shoclef account. Update the account with the price range so the buyers know what they need to pay if they finally purchase a product.

    Business Account – Add a business account to promote your business in the app or go live with one or several customers at a time to sell your products. You earn $0.20 for every minute you connect with a buyer. Shoclef charges 20 percent of the final sale price for promotional expenses.

    Service Provider – If you are an organization, business or individual providing professional services or consulting, you can register on the app as a service provider and charge any amount you deem fit for each minute of service. Service providers can only connect with one user at a time due to the individualistic nature of the offering. Shoclef will deduct 50 percent of the final payment as promotional charges.

    Note that only licensed service providers can offer professional services on the platform and must upload their license on the app while registering.

    Buyer – A buyer can access the services of all the users in the app except the observer. As a buyer, you can go live with a personal shopper, service provider, player or business to access/purchase the services and products offered by them. A buyer can go live with up to 4 personal shoppers or businesses at a time by paying $0.40 per minute of live interaction with a shopper or business. For players and service providers, the price payable is as set by the respective player or service provider.

    Note that you must have adequate money in your account before going live with a user.

    Player – A player is someone who makes videos of events involving themselves or others or performs live shows. A player can offer their shows for free or charge for them. However, it is recommended to charge for shows only after garnering 10,000 followers on the app.

    Once you have cultivated 10,000 fans, you would automatically receive new buttons on your profile to set your price and select advertising.

    Observer – As an observer, you can observe a personal shopper, business or player for 30 seconds incognito. In case a player offers their service for free, you can watch their shows for as long as you like. You can also put money into your account to tip a player or pay their charges.

    Buy, sell, interact or observe!

    International is the new local with Shoclef app! Powered by Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, the app connects buyers, sellers, entertainers, and service providers across the globe, creating a live shopping and social network.

    Download now to experience a real-virtual social network. Interact with other users, who could be personal shoppers, businesses, service providers or players, see a personal demonstration and get a 360-degree view of the product, LIVE, with Shoclef app!

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    Shoclef 3.2.2 Update


    App Release Version 4, Added payment system, new features in the News feed.

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