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Spooky Neighborhood

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Spooky Neighborhood

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The description of Spooky Neighborhood

Try to understand the mysterious events happening in the house opposite! Avoid the traps and video cameras placed by your frightening neighbor and find out what chilling things are hidden in the basement of his house! Use your skills as a detective and get to the bottom of the truth. But be careful – leaving your neighbor's house unharmed will not be as easy as it seems …

Strangely enough, but in this game you have to play for yourself. The game camera is made in the "first person" mode, so that the gameplay will be as realistic as possible. On the plot you move to a new house and decide to get acquainted with a neighbor living opposite. But the first look at his neighbor yard makes it clear that you have to be with an extremely uncommon person. At each corner of the house is a moving video camera, and most of the yard is dotted with traps. What can I say about the fact that the number of locks on which the neighbor door is locked exceeds the number of traps and chambers taken together. You can not talk to your neighbor, of course. And one night something strange happens – at the most deaf time of the day a neighbor drags out of his house something that does not look like a human body. It becomes clear – no matter how frightening the situation was, it is at all costs necessary to understand!

You have to penetrate into the neighbor's house and find out what terrible secrets he hides in his basement. The task is difficult and, frankly, dangerous. The number of traps in the yard and the house is off scale, so you will have to try hard to stay unnoticed. Plus, the neighbor himself is a very dangerous person, and there are no guarantees that after meeting him you will be unharmed, so try not to get caught in his eyes!

Uncover the terrible secret in the neighborhood!

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