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    The description of The Guides Axiom

    Sequel to one of Google Play's #1 puzzle games, The Guides Axiom introduces a myriad of entirely new codes, puzzles and interactive ciphers to challenge your wit, stretch your imagination and test your ingenuity in unique and innovative ways.

    Simply stated, they’re not easy. Progressing will be difficult, but you have the appropriate tools at your disposal. Everything you need to proceed is — or has been — provided.

    Look for clues and patterns to build on what you have learned. Remember what you have seen as for no detail is too subtle or insignificant. As you explore deeper, you’ll begin to unravel the enigma of The Guides Axiom.

    Peculiar, isn't it?

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    • Includes more than 100 meticulously designed interactive puzzles, ciphers and secrets to discover — with many more on the way.
    • Integrated decoding tools — including morse, binary and several others — to assist you on your journey.
    • Reimagined level select system and nonlinear gameplay give you the freedom to explore a much broader path.
    • Ability to save screenshots and record notes to help keep track of invaluable clues.
    • Stuck? Extract a hint by using a Hack to obtain the inspiration needed to move forward.
    • There are many layers of complexity so don't assume a puzzle has only one solution.

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    What’s new


    Some new challenges and secrets have been discovered and are ready to be explored.
    • Seven free puzzles (with many more in the works).
    • Expansion Pack 2 which includes twelve exclusive new puzzles.
    • New Backdoors have been detected. Decipher them and unlock additional bonus Hacks.
    • Stay up to date with the new notification system — you may even receive bonus Hacks.
    • UI refinements and other design optimizations.

    Remain persistent and get your completion percentage to 100%.


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