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    The description of Throw the Ball

    Throw the ball is a massive fun game which is free in android. You have to aim to pop the shapes and during falling, if ball hit a shape, it bounce. They bounce from the blocks like trampoline and falling the ground. You have to arrange the bouncing carefully because after all turns the blocks move up one step, you have to be careful when they are falling.

    Your shapes have numbers, and which number it has, you have to contact with it that number of times. Bouncing over the blocks and the walls.

    Be careful! Are you falling to the ground?!

    – Fast easy gameplay.
    – Best gravity falling style with bounce.
    – Physics based bouncing mechanics.
    – Colorful blocks.
    – Drop the ball to get bonus points
    – Jump with an arc, easy controls, hard gameplay!
    – Chilly playable content.
    – Go and reach the highest peak to make amazing scores.
    – One of the best arcade games!
    – Beat your friends.

    There are some extra points to earn, you can drop all of them at the same time to fall free. You can earn more points when you pop the shapes which have high numbers.

    Your target is very important during falling. You have to drop the ball in right way to pop the blocks when they didn’t arrive to the top. Bouncing must be the right way! This is an amazing game that you fired up! Flappy games can compete with this game but they can't dunk…You can restart with flippers. Don't stay idle. Try to win, go to the highest score. From the makers of Rollio and Vudu, ball vs wall is the last game.You have the enough power to be a block breaker! Your balls are limited. Shoot the balls carefully! Blop walls, breaker the blocks. Hear the sounds of boo, woop, ping, fillr, hop hop… Oooo TramPoflip ! Hop hop sounds for jumping, woop for bouncing, ping for hitting, fillr for breaking, and the ping for dropping. The sounds are like voodoo child from Jimi Hendrix!
    Spin up, do not ride, draw the arc, do not hit the stack!

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    Throw the Ball 1.5 Update


    Bug fixes

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