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    The description of Date Stamp Camera

    How often have you considering looking at a photo from your album and saw the date it was taken and start remembering how great it was when you took that photo?

    Date Stamp Camera can help you to add current date & time & note on your Picture. You can change the color and size of date string, or change the date / time format.

    Useful highlights of Date Stamp Camera:

    ● Date and Time stamp
    It’s extremely beneficial to add a Date and Timestamp on your photographs so while viewing them again after a year or two, you are still connected with those adorable memories of yours.

    ● GPS Map Camera Stamp
    Add a GPS Geolocation stamp (Current or Custom) on your Pictures as per your liking's when you are at some exotic location celebrating an auspicious event.

    ● Watermark Logo Stamp
    Quickly add a trademarked Logo stamp to all of your snapped Images and secure them from any kind of misuse or use by others without your prior permission. Using this functionality, you can mark your photographs as a copyright protected one.

    Every photo holds a memory. How can you remember the photo in the future when you have no idea when it was taken?

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