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Exile: Battle Royale

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Exile: Battle Royale

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The description of Exile: Battle Royale

ATTENTION Exile Players: This project is in Beta so please consider this when providing feedback and reviews.

Welcome to Exile: Battle Royale, a last-man standing survival shooter game set in an open world of deadly battles. 60 lethal competitors have been thrown into exile, and you are one of them. Your adventure begins from the moment you are dropped out of an aircraft, onto an unknown island, left to scavenge for weapons and supplies, and hunt down your fellow competitors. Your only way out is to kill or be killed. Dominate the battlefield and become the battle royale champion. Can you survive Exile?

60-player battle royale
Enter massive battlegrounds with up to 60 competitors in PvP FPS gameplay. Take on real-time deadly attacks against players from around the world. Do whatever it takes to dominate your competition.

An authentic real-world combat experience
Experience a realistic world of professional weapons, high-end vehicles, and a wide variety of environments. Immerse yourself into the game and let the adrenaline take over.

Survival of the fittest
Explore new environments and use your map to determine your next move. Utilize hillsides, troughs, rivers, grasslands, houses, factories, and outposts. Find vehicles to relocate quickly or use them in battle. Master this unknown island by using your own strategies and survival skills.

Intense, fast-paced gameplay
There's never a dull moment in Exile. Every match will be different as you face off against opponents of varying skill levels and experience. Every player's challenge will be to strike fast, collect resources and relentlessly fight until there is only one lone survivor.

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Exile: Battle Royale 5.19 Update


Welcome to Exile: Battle Royale. This game is still in development, please keep that in mind when leaving reviews and comments.

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