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    The description of GPS Locator For Family & Friends

    GPS Locator For Family & Friends App, Now! Locate and share your current location. Tracking GPS coordinates Application provide coordinates including Latitude, Longitude ,Street Address, City, Zip code and Country etc. to your loved once constantly via SMS. The person you share your location can only find your location after your permission. Share my GPS location lets you privately send your current location to any of your contact list number or others by SMS, email or share in social media platforms.

    GPS Locator For Family & Friends, GPS Easy Finder helps you communicate, locate and stay connected. Now you and your friends will appear with their own icon on the Google Maps, so you’ll know exactly where your and they are located in real time. With GPS Locator For Family & Friends automatically update your location to your friend constantly with respect to Time or Distance easily via email, text messaging, Twitter, Facebook, Whats App, etc. The recipient receives a link to an online map with your position on it. internet connection is required, so send location with text message. Please note that GPS does not work well under a roof. For best results, prefer to be outdoors. GPS Locator For Family & Friends does not share your location with third party. You use it when you want it.

    Practicality: Why you need GPS Locator For Family & Friends? 

    >>> Whenever you are late. It’s not a problem now our app will locate you in real time, send message to your selected number of loved once frequently with the change of selected time or distance. 
    >>> let your spouse know your ETA when you’ll be home from work, let your family know you are safe while running or cycling,

    >>> Is your friend lost ? Friend Locator & Phone Tracker-GPS Easy Finder is a lifesaver. It pinpoints your missing friend’s exact location and provides navigational help (i.e. directions) so you can guide them to their determined destination. It’s the friend finder and friend locator that works. 

    Easy: No sign-up required
    Safe: Apps can easily activate / deactivate. 
    Live: Share location in real time using Coordinates and Google maps.
    Passive: Runs in the background.
    Global: works anywhere using GPS and a data connection

    Splendid Features: 

    ➤ Gorgeous and user-friendly interface.
    ➤ Simple and User-friendly.
    ➤ Get accurate location track for wherever you want to go.
    ➤ Get very accurate coordinates by using GPS router.
    ➤ You can search any friend location using coordinates.
    ➤ Now you can view your friend's location on the map and get connected with them always.

    Check the GPS & network is connected before you use this GPS tracking app. Store GPS coordinates (Latitude and longitude), wherever you are, Maps guiding you automatically in a very intuitive way. GPS Locator For Family & Friends sends Google Map link, GPS coordinates, and/or your street address of your location to whomever you want, whenever you want, however you want by Sending an SMS message to your .GPS Finder takes advantage of GPS & Network to get your position on Earth, and obtains map information near your location using Google Map and GPS locator and also provide the location of you to your friend . Data connection assists Google maps for quick results. For proper operation you must be connected by the GPS, and should be on the outside. The whole world is now at your finger. I wish this app will make your life better and more convenient. 

    You can deliver us all suggestions in comments without any hesitation. Your idea is important than anything!

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