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    The description of Manvigor

    Manvigor is run by four good men!

    The Protagonist, The Maverick, The Geek and The Old Wise Man

    The Protagonist has traveled across the world, worked at Fortune 500 companies, studied at top international B-School and IIT, and finally realized that Wellbeing is THE Single Most pursuit of mankind. The only true profession – The Ultimate Cause, if you will – as per him, is to deliver Wellbeing – to Fellow Men – and thus he arranged himself along with three good men to offer Manvigor!

    The Maverick – an IIT Dropout – a Spiritual guru – has seen world from all angles. Been there, done that. And finally felt – it is time. It is time to work for the Mankind. Since all gyaan around Spirituality is just that – gyaan – and being a Maverick, he embarked on rare journey of matching gyaan with everything else that makes gyaan complete. That he feels is his realization – his nirvana – being the Spiritual Guru that he is!

    The Geek – completed IIT – somehow 😉 The geek believes he is made for bigger things in life. The geek wont settle for another degree or a PhD. It doesn’t matter what he eats – he feels satiated only with bits and bytes. It doesn’t matter what he drinks – he is drunk only when the device does what he asks it to do. Basically, give him an line of code, and he will turn it into a charm, into magic, into something bigger!

    The Old Wise Man – it suffices that he is old, and is part of the team, and is the torch that lights up the dark path of startups. Hail the Guiding Light! (though Hey Mogambo is more like it!!)

    The founding team has espoused the cause of taking nature led wellbeing to individuals, ESPECIALLY MEN, who have long been ignored by the wellness industry.

    The founding team is convinced that wellbeing truly originates in traditional Indian wisdom, which worked for millions of men for thousands of years.

    Manvigor is a few Men’s sincere effort to deliver this true Wellbeing to fellow Men.


    Manvigor focuses on Men’s wellbeing – wellbeing in the true sense of the word.

    Because only when Men’s wellbeing is well addressed, that they will be able to contribute meaningfully to mankind and take the human race forward.

    Manvigor addresses Men’s wellbeing on various fronts:

    a. Provides products that are Certified, Natural and Chemical free, and have been tested under stringent condition and proven effective

    b. Offers other Men’s success stories, tips, inputs and guidance on how Men can keep themselves fit, energetic, disease resistant while addressing their vigor and vitality

    Manvigor is committed to offering valuable products – that truly enhance a dimension of Men’s wellbeing. Each product is a no-frill product, carefully handpicked after taking into account their efficacy and impact, then offered on the Manvigor platform.

    While Manvigor offers “No-Frills Attached” products, you can expect them to provide nourishment and good care.

    Manvigor believes that True Wellbeing is Sustainable Care – both for the individual as well as the environment, and the products we offer underscores that.

    Manvigor also realizes that delivering wellbeing is a holistic process. It is not just about offering good products, but also about wellbeing tips and guidance. The platform offers both.

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