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Download Nani ki Dimagi Paheli – Hindi latest paheliya 2018 APK for android

The description of Nani ki Dimagi Paheli – Hindi latest paheliya 2018

This app contains the latest collection of Hindi Paheli ( riddle / Puzzle ) with a user-friendly interface in the Hindi Language with correct answers to each Paheli ( riddle / Puzzle) . All Paheli ( riddle / Puzzle) are available offline.
A clean and clear interface and Hindi text with correct answers to each Paheli. Some " Amir Khusro ki paheli " are also added. This is one of the best Hindi game. All riddles ( Paheli ) are written in Hindi so each reader can read them clearly. You can also share these Paheli in Hindi with Facebook, Whatsapp, Google+ or Twitter etc. Test your friends and family members how much they know about Paheli ( riddle / Puzzle). This is on of the best games in India. This puzzle game is specially made for Indian. This puzzle game is one of the best Hindi Game in India. This is one of the best puzzle game for adults in India. You will get a puzzle adventure while solving best puzzle game for adults. This paheli game is good for those puzzle solvers who love to solve paheliya. Paheli game have always been popular between Indian puzzle game for adults. These paheliya will blow your mind and increase the mental strength. This is best IQ testing app to test your IQ and mental health and capability of thinking.


– A unique collection of Paheli (s).
– All Paheli (s) Written in Hindi.
– Correct Answer to each Paheli.
– All Paheli (s) are available offline.
– Clean and Clear interface.
– Capability to share Paheli over social network or email.
– We have included some of the Paheli from Amir Khusro as well.
– Some Paheli (s) are specially added for children.

Some riddles (Paheli) are easy, but others will take some thinking.
It's always fun to solve Paheli or Riddles since your brain is like a muscle. So your IQ will improve time by time as this is best IQ testing app.
Some of these Paheli or Riddles are very tough to solve but once you know the logic behind it is fun to ponder and ask to others.

This Paheli bujho to jane game is best hindi game and very popular in india. All the puzzle answer are given. pahelyan uttar ke sath uplabdh hai. Pahli bujho to jane is classical hindi puzzle game. This Paheli quiz will help your mind. Best dimagi kasrat with dimagi Paheli. Paheli bujho to jane is best hindi game for indian puzzle game lovers. This Paheli quiz gives the mental strength to your mind. This Paheli quiz helps you to learn more. Best learning app for kids due to it's power of increasing mental health. Paheli bujho to jane or Paheli quiz is strongly related to development of your mind by solving puzzles. These Paheli are specially made for people who want to exercise their mind by playing Paheli quiz. Paheli bujho to jane is best hindi game to play and increase mental health of your friends and family.

We will add new Hindi puzzles time to time. Please read these puzzles and give us feedback.
Please do share your thoughts and comments. We will be waiting for your rating and feedback.
Just send an email to us if you have different thoughts to improve this application. We will love hearing from you.
पहेली किंग इन इंडिया

New Announcement
On request from many users to give the feature for answering the paheli. We have developed another game which you can download from the given link below

Download Nani ki Dimagi Paheli – Hindi latest paheliya 2018 APK for android direct link

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Images added for answers as suggested by users.
Sharing option improved.
Cool animation for fab button added.
Notifications Improved.
Minor bug fixes.
Enhanced user experience.
Thanks for all love and support.
Keep on using and sharing with friends and family.

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