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    The description of Shadow Super Saiyan Dragon Z Fighters ?

    Are u a crazy fan of Goko? Do you love super dragon fight and Super Saiyan?
    As son goko Transform to super saiyan, You'll play as songoku dragon z in saiyans battle
    Enjoy dragon z fighters in this release with goko, vegeta, Piccolo, son gohan, bulma, Trunks, warrior, Porunga, And krillin and much more.
    In another universe, there is a Super Saiyen superhero (known as super dragon) who has become Legendary, his from another planet like Earth! We're talking about making up the story of the legendary fight with Lord Frieze, Mutant Cell,Terminator Majin, Cursed Kid, CrazyMan Broly, against Fusion War to protect our planet save our life!

    Brand new epic battle of songoku. Spend a lot of evil skeleton, warriors, Frieza, majin buu, bardock, android 17&18, Beerus, Mr Popo & Satan, broly, Dende, yamcha, Videl, Vados, Shenlong, so be careful!

    This is a new fighting games, primarily inspired from dragon fighter fan. By tapping the screen with fingers, you will move with superhero son goko on many obstacles, fight and shoot the bats, Nappa, gotenks, raditz, Champa, many other monsters dragon. the player can also cause an intense battle to unfold and enjoy the fighting action on their smartphone. Featuring the smartphone's sense of control to its greatest extent, super high-speed fights are possible. The player will have chance to use the cool skills effect like Ki Blast, Gigantic Gun, Death Ball, Dragon Finger Ball and so much action skills.

    ★ STORY ★
    Goko and his friends must fight a new battle against enemies from parallel xenoverse, who want to usurped special ball. The story is split into several chapters: the evil king piccolo, the saiyan clan invasion, the emperor of darkness frieza, the android army, the cell games, the revived of buu, the battle of goko.

    ★ How to play ★
    – Tap any where in the empty space to move your hero
    – Switch skills during the fight by tapping on their icons at the bottom-right corner
    – At a long distance, tap on the enemy to fire quick shots, or hold for a few seconds to charge up and release a massive energy burst
    – At a closer range, tap on your enemy to approach and dish out a series of melee attacks
    – Swipe the screen toward your enemy to perform a deadly dash attack

    ★ Skills ★
    • KI Blast: Basic techniques when you’re lacking energy.
    • Great "Kai" Energy ball from sky.
    • Kameha: attack with energy wave. It’s Goko's signature technique.
    • Spirit Bomb: collect energy in the form of a sphere. A very powerful attack.
    • Little with kung fu "Kai" Energyball.
    • Dragon Strike: attack with very high speed.
    • Super Saiyan: transform to unleash the ultimate power. you can transform to max form SSJ3.
    • amazing Kame – blow enemy with "KAI" energy.
    • Hidden Skill: you can use hidden skill when beat enemies.

    ★ Features ★
    • 50+ dragon z fighters famous such as goko, vegeta, gohann.
    • 75+ unique and signature skill such as soaring dragon strike, spirit ball.
    • incredible graphics, smooth gameplay, impression effects, HD sounds.
    • multiple transformations SSJ to SSGSS.
    • 50+ bosses with 20+ levels.
    • Easy to control an play.
    • Generous daily awards.
    • Many equipment to collect and upgrade.

    Become super heroes and fighters of history with full skill of a super hero!

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    Shadow Super Saiyan Dragon Z Fighters ? 1.5 Update


    – Amazing new gameplay mode: Infinity

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