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    The description of Ultra Goku Super Battle

    are you fan of db fighting game and Z, in this game you play as LEGENDARY SAIYAN the fighter to fight all his enemies from ( Z / KAI / GT ), because THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION send them to kidnap his daughter and be in his way , among these enemies there are frost, frieza, cell, black goku…and there are super transformations tap , like super sayian blue and green, rose, and golden form, and other transformation of(Dragon Bazz) fighter .. the game is purely a fighting game like the tournament of power or universe survival, you help the super hero of this game to fight many enemies at the same time. in your way,
    ULTRA GOKU SUPER BATTLE is a game which is inspired by the popular and loved GOKU . the characters in the game are the strongest characters .you will be in a super hero fight with more than 11 characters

    Collect more coins to get more skills like: Dragon Recall, Big Bang Attack, Super Ki Blast, Monkey King Recall, Super Kamehameha .. The more coins you collect by beating enemies the more skill you get in SHOP inside game
    ALSO there are super saiyan transformations tap limit breaker, golden cell, golden frieza, goku black,

    —- features —-
    -super saiyan transformation during battle
    -many super character
    -many skills in shop
    -good 2D graphic for db, z
    -great and smooth control and movement
    -others …
    -eyes catching graphic (retroo graphic)
    – super transformations of D,B,Z

    **** I DON'T OWN DRAGONBALL 'DBZ' ****
    Legendary Super warrior : Saiyan Ultimate Battle is just Fanmade game, i didn't take any part of the production process. This game is not meant to infringe on any copyrights. the game is here to encourage fans to support the official product .This game is based on DragonBall of Akira Toriyama. DragonBall is owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. and Bird Studio/Shueisha. All Rights Reserved.

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