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    Download Fellow

    Download Fellow

    NJ Interactive Inc.

  • Download Fellow for android

    The description of Fellow

    Everything about MMORPG in Fellow!!
    The first Ground! Sea! Air! Open Field MMORPG!

    ▣ Opens New Global Server "VALKYRIE"
    ▣ 1 million gold new user settlement gift event.
    ▣ Level up event has started.
    ▣ 7-Day Attendance event has started.
    ▣ Consumption event has started.

    ▣ Jackpot event in progress!
    • Official community : www.plug.game/fellow
    • Facebook: : https://www.facebook.com/FellowEternalClash/

    [Game introduction]
    You can experience the best MMORPG while exploring the world of Fellow with many other

    Join forces with your colleagues to explore the dungeon, walk around the vast fields and
    become a true hero of the world..

    ▣ Ground! Sea! Air! Infinite battle
    • Run on the ground and fight
    • Swim in the water and fight
    • Fly in the air with wings and fight
    • Players can go anywhere in the world of the Fellow and enjoy the game under any

    ▣ The fun of collecting and growing
    • Various rides
    • Various wings
    • And guardians …
    • Raise your character's capabilities to the maximum with a variety of collectibles.

    ▣ Explore the world of fantasy
    • Fly through the giant fantasy world from the beachside village where airplanes fly around
    to the forest where the darkness is buried.
    • Talk to hundreds of characters and find colleagues

    ▣ Large battlefield with strategy and tactics
    • Battlefields that require organic co-op play, strategy and tactics await you.
    • You will experience a live battle by combining characteristics of each occupation, like
    Tanker, Dealer, Healer, and so on.
    • It is possible to fight anywhere in the land, sea, air and it is possible to use various
    strategies and tactics.
    ▣ The real raid is here.
    • Up to 8 players can form a raid to explore the dungeons and attack boss monsters
    • Cooperate by focusing on unique roles of each job and attack dungeons together

    ▣ Choose the camp! And fight!
    • Who will possess the throne.
    • Secure the resources that have Creator's power and become a hero of the war to win the

    ▣ Various skills
    • You can use 12 different skills to grow your character in various ways.
    • You can also use the skills for right occasion

    [Guide for smartphone application access]
    • When using the app, we request an access in order to provide the following services.

    ▣ Essential access permissions
    • Photos, media, files and external storage
    – You need grant an access to use game settings, cash storage, and 1:1 customer service.

    • Address book
    – It does not affect the function of your address book so do not worry. It’s required for
    each push alarm.
    • Phone status
    – We do not collect your phone number or make a call.
    – It is necessary to confirm the device identification to prevent abusive attack and
    statistics processing.

    Download Fellow for android direct link

  • Fellow 1.5.9 Update


    ▣Login Bug fix▣

    Category : Role Playing

    Publish Date :

    Latest Version : 1.8.6

    Get it on : Download Fellow

    Requirements : Android 5.0+

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