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    The description of NoPhone

    If you were constantly checking on someone you like, touching them every time and not letting them sleep, they would probably pass a restraining order right ?

    That's the tagline for No Phone, A Restraining Order from Your Phone.

    Phones are a major time sink. Yep that's the truth. I literally spend more than 5 hours on my phone so I'm not judging. We swipe, tag, like, share and do all sorts of things that we think matters but doesn't.

    Enter NoPhone, It's an Android Launcher that doesn't let you do anything. Yep you read it right.

    NoPhone has Phone Calls and Directions. It also has a Task Manager built in, so you can get your tasks in order. That's about it, no more access to your Social Media, your other media, your swiping and everything.

    So that means You can spend your time with your Friends and Family and the people that matter, rather than pieces of code engineered to hook you in.

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    NoPhone 2.5.7 Update


    Version Name: Unbox Therapy Made This Happen (2.5.7)

    * Easier Launcher Change from HomeScreen when not the default Launcher
    * Remove Unnecessary System Apps shown in Custom Apps Selection Screen (Thanks Again Irshad)

    * Support for Third Custom App (You asked for it, here it is 🙂
    * Complete rewrite of NoPhone from scratch in Android Native
    * Reduced size nearly 4 times
    * This thing is fast, like really fast
    * Fluid Scene Transitions (Thanks Irshad :D)
    * ConstraintLayout in FlexBox out

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